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Privacy Notice

By using the website you agree on and accept the following data processing described in these terms of service.

Use of Cookies

The website uses a web analysis service called Snoobi Analytics, provided by Fonecta Enterprise Solutions Oy (FES). Snoobi utilizes cookies which are saved in the memory of a user’s web-browser. With the use of cookies the websites operation and usage can be analyzed.

Cookies are used for statistical analysis of services. The purpose is to ensure functionality of websites and make it possible to offer interesting and meaningful content for website users. Snoobi uses gathered information to evaluate website usage, to form reports to the website’s owner and to offer other services related to the use of internet and websites.

Information saved by cookies cannot be connected or associated with an individual. Collected data consists of anonymous technical information about user’s web-browser, operating system, IP-address and display (resolution). Data also includes referrer information (last website visited) and information about user behavior on a website (such as clicks and navigation). Gathered information is saved securely on Fonecta servers located in Finland. Mentioned data may be also given to third parties if implied by law or if a third party processes information on behalf of the website owner.

Should you wish to delete cookies saved in your web-browser, you can do this by emptying your browsing history. You can also block all cookies from your browser settings but note that this may have undesired negative effects on functionality of websites.

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Limitation of liability

FES cannot guarantee the correctness of information on its customer’s websites and is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by usage of the information.

FES will not be liable for possible technical errors, such as errors related to data communication and information systems or service interruption caused by malware, viruses or by other information security risks.

FES cannot answer for the contents of web services which are not administrated by Fonecta Oy but which can be accessed by links on our websites.

Owner of a website is responsible of following law and regulations concerning storage, usage and utilization of data gathered using Snoobi Analytics.


In our Privacy Policy Statement is depicted how we ensure safe information processing and protect your privacy. There you will also find how to contact us in matters related to privacy and information security. A more detailed description of Snoobi Analytics and our other services can also be found on the website.