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Call analytics

This is minimum example of a call_analytics service call. For a more comprehensive example, consult our full notation guide.


Service call

POST https://api.snoobi.com/1.0/statistics/call_analytics


Minimum payload example

    "account": "<your_snoobi_account>",
    "metrics": [
    "start_date": "2013-05-01",
    "end_date": "2013-06-07"


Response example

    "details": {},
    "total_rows": "1",
    "data": [
            "calls": "13"



Time related


Dimension Description
minute Data summarized by minute
hour Data summarized hourly
day Data summarized daily
week Data summarized weekly
month Data summarized monthly
hour_of_day Data grouped by hour of day
day_of_week Data grouped by day of week. Eg. monday, tuesday..

Call based dimensions


Dimension Description
call Call
caller Caller
call_category Category chosen for the Snoobi number
call_name Name given for the Snoobi number
call_area Area where the call came from



Metric Description
calls Number of calls
answered_calls Number of answered calls
unanswered_calls Number of unanswered calls
call_duration Duration of the calls in seconds
avg_call_duration Average duration of the calls in seconds
unique_callers Number of unique callers
call_conversions Number of converted calls
called_to_name Name given for the Snoobi number of the call recipient
call_start_time Start time of the call
was_answered Was the call answered (true/false)
call_area Area where the call came from
call_area_calls Number of calls from an area