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You can call all services with (e.g. https://api.snoobi.com/1.0/statistics/web_analytics) or without (e.g. https://api.snoobi.com/statistics/web_analytics)  the versioning number. If you choose to omit the version number, the call will always be directed to the most recent version. A notice will be issued in the Snoobi API twitter account before a new release is due and this starts a trial period during which you can start to use the new version. After the trial period is over, all calls without a version number will be directed to the new release. When a new release is made, a notice will issued in the Snoobi API twitter account for the sunset date of the old release. After the transition period is over and the sunset date has passed, all calls to the old version will stop working.


If you always want to use the most recent version, omit the version number.
If you want to handle upgrades to new versions manually, use the version number.




Service Description
POST statistics/web_analytics Web analytics statistics
POST statistics/call_analytics Call analytics statistics
POST info/dimension Element listing services for dimensions
GET info/[type] System value listing services